"Stephen is a grossly talented, and self-deprecating comedian. Stephen has a million talents, but apparently none of them are good enough for him. Stephen finds both frustration and joy in the little things." - Harebrained Comedy

"A consummate performer!" - Underground 9 Studio

"Stephen Vincent Giles is a man of many talents. He's a favorite among comics, an actor for Know No Stranger, and a frequent character on the monthly An Evening with the Authors. We love him to death, and you should too." - Rocket Ship Comedy

"A veritable master of theatrics." - Celestial Panther Publishing

"Giles's on-stage persona is that of a clinically depressed man with a cynical, yet sad, personality, but his delivery, and at time, absurdity, is such the crowd can't avoid laughing at his content, even while he's unlikely to crack a smile himself." - Comedy in Crawfordsville

"One of the most nuanced deliveries that I have ever seen." - Hoosier Comedy

"In 2013 world class storyteller, Stephen Vincent Giles approached me to record a collection of narrative poems. This was a fun project that I love revisiting any time I need a good fright or laugh!" - Alan Scott